Jul 23, 2018 Update

Thank you for your patience as Oceanwide continues its drilling work while moving onto the next phase of construction.  This week, Oceanwide will begin mobilizing for excavation. Excavation is scheduled to begin in early August. During this phase, we will continue operating 24-hours a day.

The noise level will remain as it has been over the last few weeks, and we expect it to stay at the same level for the next several months.

A special update from Oceanwide Center

In the wake of recent news reports suggesting minor building movement at 25 Jessie Street, Oceanwide and its contractors wanted to reassure our neighbors that safety is our number one priority.

Oceanwide has worked closely with the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection (DBI) and the top engineering experts in the world to ensure neighboring buildings are protected throughout the construction process.

Both towers of the Oceanwide Center development will have drilled pier foundations that extend well into bedrock. Since before construction of the foundations began, we have put in place a comprehensive monitoring program. To help address the heightened sensitivity concerning building movement in the transit center area, Oceanwide and its contractors have implemented unprecedented monitoring and review programs that go beyond any government requirements.

  • Oceanwide has engaged a third-party panel of experts who review and monitor all engineering plans and activities and make recommendations for safe execution of construction activities.
  • Oceanwide has worked with adjacent property owners, providing monitoring equipment to track and record building movement, vibration, noise, and dust. Each building owner who allowed Oceanwide to install this equipment also has access to real-time monitoring data for their building.
  • Oceanwide has voluntarily provided data to DBI, and we are committed to working transparently with the City and other government agencies throughout the construction process.
  • All construction activities are continuously monitored by qualified professionals to ensure the safety of the site.

We are committed to safety throughout every phase of our development and we will continue to work in partnership with our neighbors, all City agencies, and industry experts to ensure that we maintain a safe neighborhood for everyone. Please feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions.